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UAW Regional 9A

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On Tuesday, August 24th Mary Cassesso became the first Somerville mayoral candidate to receive a union endorsement. United Auto Workers Region 9A endorsed Mary Cassesso because unions fight for a more fair and equitable society, a fight that has been Mary’s life work and is one of the principal reasons she decided to run for Mayor.

“It's humbling to be the first mayoral candidate to receive a union endorsement”, said Mary. “I'm delighted to have the UAW Local 9A in my corner. The UAW Local 9A has long been and will continue to be an integral part of the Somerville community, and I thank them for their support and confidence in my vision and in our campaign”


The UAW Region 9A has grown over the years and now also organizes aerospace workers, agricultural workers, and graduate students like the Harvard Graduate Student Union which has fought to increase wages, health care benefits, and child care funds. It organizes and represents workplaces that span from small businesses to multinational conglomerates, from our institutions of higher-education to the hospitals that have been saving our lives during this pandemic. 

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