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For generations, my family has been actively advocating for road safety because highway justice is a social justice issue. In May, I attended the highway justice rally led by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley because the unsafe conditions of the McGrath and I-93 highways are inequitable and our infrastructure needs to change. I want to make sure sound barriers are established, small dust particles are decreased and the roads are pedestrian-friendly. Most often it is our communities of color, seniors, and people with unique abilities who face accessibility and safety inequities and I will fight to make sure every person has their transportation needs met. My goal is to ensure that our city has reliable, safe, accessible, and environmentally responsible transportation for all citizens and visitors. 


To mitigate the effects of climate change and decrease traffic, high-quality public transportation will be invaluable. Safe bike lanes, convenient bus options, and the Green Line Extension will increase accessibility for all community members. As Somerville navigates the changes that accompany the implementation of the Green Line Extension, I will work with neighborhoods across the city to make sure the people of Somerville are heard and included throughout the transition.


As mayor, I will work tirelessly to advance the following policies:

  • Safety: I will work with public officials and neighborhoods to ensure safety for all cyclists and pedestrians, especially seniors, people with mental and physical health conditions, and families with young children. I will increase the safety of our streets by working with organizations such as Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets and other stakeholders to assure an equitable distribution of resources when it comes to moving around our city. I will prioritize the timely and orderly maintenance of our infrastructure. Safety, sustainability, accessibility, and community will be the watchwords of my transportation policy.

  • Sustainability: In Somerville, about one-third of Greenhouse Gas emissions come from transportation. Therefore, I will continue the work to meet and exceed the transportation goals of Somerville’s Climate Forward plan. I will advocate for state delegations to increase clean energy public transportation and develop infrastructure for more electric vehicle charging stations. I will take action to address the ongoing noise and dust pollution from I-93 in our communities.

  • Accessibility: All citizens have a right to our public spaces and to mobility. I will work towards a more inclusive model of transportation to support our residents.

  • Community: Our streets are one of the main places the people of Somerville interact and I want to make sure all of our residents and visitors are best served while traveling in Somerville. I will reduce economic barriers to public transit.

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