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Climate Justice

With my leadership comes hope, which is essential in our fight for climate justice. To get through this together, we must keep our social fabric strong. Climate change and environmental protection are immediate concerns for our city, as they are for the world. Under my leadership we will progress and achieve the mission of the city’s Climate Forward Plan. I will make certain we remain on track to reduce our contributions to climate change, prepare to live in the climate that we have already changed and ensure equity throughout. 


I will focus on eliminating carbon emissions from our buildings, promoting clean transportation, increasing green job opportunities, expanding green and open spaces, and fighting for sustainable and renewable energy. I want our city to become a leader in combating climate change. To get more folks in the community mindfully participating in environmental protection, comprehensive action and incentives are needed so together we can reach a more sustainable future.

  • Health: Human health and planetary health are inextricably intertwined. I want to improve air quality in Somerville, especially in neighborhoods that are disproportionately affected by particulate emissions. Our schools need to have more sustainable food options to promote personal and environmental health. I plan to increase open green space for leisure and activity and advance the strategic allocation of trees and parks in our community.


  • Housing: About two-thirds of emissions in Somerville are from building energy use. We must improve energy efficiency in buildings by adapting our new and current structures to become net-zero. I will:

    • work with utility companies and homeowners to discontinue natural gas hook-ups

    • promote an increase in LEED-certified buildings.

    • incentivize and expand thermal electrification programs because electrifying energy will decrease fossil fuel use (i.e. HeatSmart/ CoolSmart)

    • embrace flood and heat resilience standards for buildings and city infrastructure

    • work closely with the Metropolitan Mayors Coalition to ensure regional change


  • Mobility: I will make certain that public transportation is convenient and accessible and that bike lanes and walkways are safe. I plan to incentivize the use of electric cars and further develop an infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city. I will work with the state and regional communities to make sure we are on track to end the use of combustion engines.


  • Infrastructure: All building renovations should include a building analysis to encourage a deep energy retrofit which includes construction plans that will minimize energy use. We must update stormwater management policies, identify and end methane gas leaks, and encourage rooftop gardens.  And continue the Community Choice Electricity (CCE) aggregation program.

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